Shinzo Abe appelle à ouvrir une nouvelle ère des relations russo-japonaises


La version anglaise du journal japonais Yomiuri Shimbun fait le point sur l’appel du premier ministre Shinzo Abe a ouvrir une nouvelle ère dans des relations russo-japonaises lors du sommet économique russo-asiatique qui s’est tenu fin août à Vladivostok dans l’extrême-orient russe.

“Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to work with him to conclude a bilateral peace treaty, in a speech at the Eastern Economic Forum on Saturday.

Speaking at the forum in Vladivostok, Abe said they should end the “abnormal situation” — under which a peace treaty has yet to be signed since the end of World War II over 70 years ago — to open up a new era of Japan-Russia relations for the sake of the next 70 years. He also proposed holding yearly meetings of the Japanese and Russian leaders in Vladivostok.

Abe expressed in his speech a strong desire to settle the northern territories issue and conclude a peace treaty at an early date. “If things go on as they have, the same discussions could continue for decades. If we let things lie, we will not create better possibilities for future generations,” he said.

The yearly Vladivostok summit meetings would serve to confirm progress in economic cooperation. At their previous meeting in May, Abe proposed an eight-item economic cooperation plan that covers energy, developing the Russian Far East and other areas. He presented Putin with detailed proposals based on this plan in their meeting Friday.

“Let us meet once a year in Vladivostok to examine progress on these eight points, and consider what the Japan-Russia relationship should look like 20 and 30 years down the line,” Abe said in his Saturday speech. Putin responded with applause.

Abe proposed yearly meetings in Vladivostok — the center of the Far East region, in which Putin has shown great interest — as the prime minister believes it could help build trust with the Russian leader and bring about a deal over the northern territories.

Referring to the eight-item economic cooperation plan, Abe pledged to support the development of Vladivostok, calling it “the gateway that connects Eurasia and the Pacific regions.”

Russia’s population is aging, with fewer working-age people. Abe mentioned areas such as cooperation over medical care, having small and mid-size companies work together and expanding energy resource development.

“We should share a strong belief that close cooperation between Japan and Russia will create possibilities for the future,” Abe said ».


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